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If you are interested in  Patent,  Trademark or Design protection in Italy and in European Community, kindly bear in mind that Compodynamic  is able to offers  the lowest possible rates combined to the highest quality professional services.

We have set up our company administrative structure, in-house information system and intellectual property resources  so as to provide our customers with a whole range of Intellectual Property services including :

* Registration and renewal of Trademarks, Model and Industrial Designs .
* Patent and Trademark searches as well as Investigation Services.
* Name generation and Screening Services.
* Trademark, Copy-right and Patent Monitoring as well as  Infringement Services.
* Technology or Trademark transfer agreements.
* Trademark oppositions, cancellations and counterfeiting lawsuits.
* Litigation of other IP rights.
* All  IP post-registration formalities.


* Our team of  professionals  patent  agents offers broad scope of services for obtaining patent protection in Europe.

Main areas of operation :
1. Entering of international patent (PCT) applications into European National Phase and their prosecution and registration at European Patent Office (EPO)
2. Representation of clients' interests during the prosecution procedure at European Patent Office (EPO) (from filing of the patent application until patent registration at EPO)
3. Patent   search services

Other areas of operation:
•Transfer and licensing of European patent applications
•Advise and representing clients interests in opposition and appeal procedures in front of the European Patent Office (EPO)
•Drafting and negotiating patent licensing and transfer agreements and other patent agreements
•European patent validation
•IP Audits and Reviews
•General international business consulting
•Business consulting regarding commercialization of patents
•Service inter-mediation
•Investigation and collection of business information

We offer generally very favorable fees for our services. 

On request, we shall send you our Standard Schedule of fees.
Next to the standard fees, we offer the following billing methods and discounts:

1. Additional fee reductions in case of two or more (multiple) patent applications,
2. Cap fee arrangement for our involvement in one European patent registration procedure or
3. Completely individually tailored fee arrangement with the client.

Please contact us for cost estimate of our services of your interest. 


      •                  SHORT FIRM PROFILE

      • COMPODYNAMIC was founded in 1993. It has been growing steadily  since then .

        Today, COMPODYNAMIC is well-positioned to offer a practical global service to meet the requirements of our customers in the field of  Intellectual Property. Our mission is to help our customers to benefit effectively from their Intellectual Property rights, through the practicality and commitment of our professional staff.

      •  COMPODYNAMIC   extended its services to customers abroad by offering  the following benefits: 

      •  Excellent Services: Our team of experts and long-experienced professionals in the field of Intellectual Property Law supported by specialists  in the field of technical sciences is  available and committed to maintaining the highest professional and ethical standards in creativity and  problem-solving . 

      •   Reasonable Rates: We are sure that you will find our schedule of charges enough  cost-effective and advantageous.

      •   Flexible Systems: We have organized and arranged our systems  to make  them flexible enough to match continuous changes and meet our  customers  expectations.  

      •   Our company policy is based on pragmatism and flexibility, i.e. all work is performed as speedily and efficiently as possible. In case of special circumstances and/or needs, the company staff is always available to deal with such matters in a flexible and cooperative manner. 

      •   Our mission is to serve your needs in Italy and in European Community with  the aid of our collaborators  based in  Rome (Italy), Alicante (Spain),  Geneve (Swiss), Paris (France)

      •  Our collaborator  located in Rome,  by means of which we may assure a fast access to the Italian Patent and Trademark Office (UIBM) and enabling us to provide faster results to all overseas customers and oversea associates, especially when personal interviews are needed. 

      •  Over the years an increasing number of customers have asked our company to resolve problems of various kinds in the Intellectual Property field, such as having Trademark Applications registered, despite official objections and to defend Trademarks against oppositions, as well as lodging oppositions against infringing Trademarks.

      •  COMPODYNAMIC  is fully able to handle responding to EUIPO, WIPO and the Italian Patent Office's  provisional refusal to register an International or Community Trademark or Model,  and defending such Trademark or Model  against alleged prior rights.  

  •  COMPODYNAMIC is also able to provide other services  including  Anticounterfeiting and Piracy,  CE Marking and Technical Documentation, Licensing .  





COMPODYNAMIC Your partner in  Design Low Cost  Anticounterfeiting Systems.  

COMPODYNAMIC produce ideas, develop solutions and projects 

COMPODINAMIC offers business methods, strategies and technologies to defend companies products from counterfeiting, piracy and unfair competition attacks. 


CONTROL SYSTEMS to assess compliance with the law of trademarks and products. 

Both in Italy and worldwide there is a proliferation of trademarks associated to specific regulations or production guidelines set up by official authorities which not always have the necessary in-house resources to control dealers in order to assess whether there are abuses and check the protection offered by trademarks. 

SYSTEMATIC AUDITING We audit the correct use of licensed trademarks through effective checks and without altering the primary relationship of mutual partnership. The compliance with the contractual agreement and the use of the licensed trademark is a must-have condition not to betray consumer expectations, as well as to safeguard products and its image against damages. 

SCREENING OF TRADEMARKS AND LICENCES Through the extensive use of databases, Internet and market screening, it is possible to assess how to present and sell a product without making acts of counterfeiting and/or unfair competition which can damage your trademark. It is therefore possible to obtain a safe and evidentiary documentation in order to apply effective protection strategies aimed at removing damages and restoring the conditions of fair competition. 




Defence technologies have evolved together with plagiarism capabilities.

For an effective fight against the counterfeiting phenomenon, COMPODYNAMIC recommends systems and technologies which can be applied easily and successfully.

These technologies are also compatible with actual production processes in order to better use and accept them, by enabling to carry out checks in open systems.

We address the concerns of unaware victims, who believe to buy branded products through regular distribution channels, but instead they buy a counterfeit product or an imitation marketed through parallel channels.

This last type of trademark attacks is the most powerful one that trademarks proprietors have to fight.

The negative influence of such a phenomenon can have an impact on:

• both company profits and its reputation (lower sales, profits and investments)

• consumer safety, particularly in the food, pharmaceutical and automotive fields, where  counterfeiting can have lethal effects. 

The longer the production and distribution chain, the weaker it becomes. In fact, it can be easily attacked by counterfeiters or by whoever imports or exports products throughout illegal channels.

Likewise, pricing differentiation too, which is typical aspect of globalization, favours the selling of  products with the same brand, in different places and at different prices. On the other hand, it offers parallel importers the opportunity to fit in the production and distribution chain, by purchasing cheaper products in a country to sell them elsewhere. This allows them to make bigger profits that otherwise would go to the producer.

There are countless authentication technologies, and every day new technologies are born: each of them has advantages and disadvantages:

• Chemical or biochemical markers which are put onto products, invisible to the public, can be identified and recognized.

•  Holograms, used together with other technologies

•  Safety ink and pigments, safe printing techniques such as micro-text and anti-copying devices

  •  Numbering and code assignment methods which allow to rebuild a product pipeline along with the supply and distribution chain of the product.

•  RFID (radio frequency identification, or identification through radiofrequencies or "intelligent labels").


For each problem we have to find the right solution. Modern RFID technologies - together with a telephone line - can make anything yesterday in fighting the counterfeiting problem or even genuine goods within regular distribution sell channels, which are got caught short of the necessary authorization because they come from parallel markets.

COMPODYNAMIC has prepared an easy and safe system in order to assure consumers, but resellers, that their bought products are original and come from regular trading channels.



Compodynamic  develop and Implement a cost-effective Brand Protection Strategy. 

As new products are developed, you must immediately begin thinking about anti-counterfeiting exposure and strategies. 

You must identify and understand past and current examples of  where bad guys actually launched their products in the market before the innovator.   

The advent of new products and technologies created counterfeiting opportunities  . 

Pre-launch surveillance program  

Compodynamic  will identify strategies best suited to offset the possibilities of unauthorized counterfeits  before the innovative products launch.

•  Have you created a comprehensive and holistic training and awareness program for customs officials and law enforcement authorities throughout the world prior to launch ?

• Do you know and understand the direction counterfeiters are trending?

• Do you have a robust and proactive pre-launch surveillance program?

• Do you have a sophisticated online monitoring program that accomplishes your goals and objectives?

• Have you identified and included innovative anticounterfeiting packaging solutions?

• Have you benchmarked with industry colleagues vs. solution providers?



The drawing up of a technology transfer licensing agreement (patents transfer) needs qualified and multidisciplinary skills because of its countless modalities. 

Experts dealing with licensing agreements must have good scientific and technical knowledge in order to allow them to understand correctly the technologies to be transferred, their quality level and state of obsolescence, as well as the R&D methodologies involved.

An in-depth legal knowledge of trademarks and licences and, of course, of the processes involved in technologies transfer is also required.

In order to properly manage contractual negotiation, especially when it embraces partnership, co-operation and collaboration agreements, it is necessary to master marketing techniques. In fact, technologies transfer agreements can also include - beyond the elements of a licence contract - references to different contracts. For example, they can include partnership agreements, settlement systems for services or supplied machines and research co­operation for further technology developments, etc.,. 

In technology transactions, the licensor can have different kinds of relationship with the licensee. In effect, he can not only acts as a licensor, but also as a supplier of a large range of products and services, and even as a partner of the joint-venture.

COMPODYNAMIC makes available the appropriate skills - a licensing expert - for setting up properly any aspect linked to a licence contract.





In all those cases where transfers or acquisitions of trademarks and patents rights are applicable, or when investing large sums for developing and industrialising a given technology, it is crucial to know exactly the economic value of the exclusive right you are about to transfer, buy or industrialise. 

To assess the economic value of a patent or of a trademark, we use adequate evaluation methods which are recognised in the real world and applied extensively with few changes all over the world.

Of course, the economic value of a licence or a trademark is always related to its ability to generate profits or benefits, which are also meant as a deterrence or a defence means. 

As a result, COMPODYNAMIC treats each trademark or patent separately, by analysing all its aspects and also evaluating its real or potential value.


COMPOD1NAMIC offers its expertise in this field, both to single inventors and companies of any size, at very affordable prices.